75% Reduction of Shipping, Storage, and Waste

The Ultra-Pleat® filter is a unique solution from Troy Filters that cuts down significantly on shipping, storage, and waste. It’s more convenient to use, available in three different MERV ratings, and shipping in greater quantities than most filters.

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Unique Design

A key part of the Ultra-Pleat® filter’s versatility is its packaging. On each end of the filter pack there is a magnetic strip, creating a seal that holds the filter pack in place, very securely. Beyond that, the top and bottom of each filter pack has an excess selvage edge of media. This creates a seal on the vertical side of the inside of the frame when the filter pack is placed inside the frame.

Additional Highlights

Available in three different MERV ratings: MERV 8, 11, and 13
Rated UL900
Manufactured entirely in the United States

Box Size



12 Ultra-Pleat Packs

  • W: 11.5″
  • H: 20″
  • D: 9″


12 Traditional Filters:

  • W: 23″
  • H: 20″
  • D: 20″

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