Power Generation

Air Filters for Power Plants & Generation Facilities

All of our power generation filters are designed specifically to withstand the rigors of extreme operation. When you put in a power plant air filtration system made by Troy Filters, you can be confident that it will get the job done.

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Ensuring the Quality of Our Filters

We develop our products using the best materials available, optimizing filters to provide low pressure drop, high efficiency, and extended service life, so that the air used in your systems is as clean as possible.

Product Options



Pulse Clean Cartridge Style Filter Elements
  • Premium Synthetic and Nano-Fiber media
  • Manufactured from high-grade steel components
  • Replacements available for most OEM housings


High-Efficiency Static Barrier Filters
  • Up to MERV 15 filtration efficiency and low pressure drop
  • Waterproof ultrafine filtration media, all plastic construction
  • Burst pressure > 25″ w.g.


Filtration Options to Extend Primary Filter Integrity
  • Cleanable wraps for cartridge style elements
  • Durable pleated filters and media filter elements
  • Ever-Flow GT Extreme-duty washable air filters

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