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Our Ultra-Pleat is a unique filtration solution engineered to cut down on waste and shipping needs, while offering increased safety and ease of use. With filters available in three different MERV ratings an a UL900 rating, Ultra-Pleat is well equipped for facilities across a vast array of industries.

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Professional Solutions

From high-performance furnace filters to work environment-improving office air filters, Troy Filters solutions are valuable across a broad spectrum of professional applications. The professional filtration systems we manufacture include:


Air filters used in commercial and industrial heating, ventilating and air-conditioning systems


High efficiency HEPA filtration for critical environment air conveyance systems such as in hospitals and indoor shooting ranges

Paint Spray Booth

Intake, overspray and exhaust filters used in paint booths for industrial manufacturing and automotive aftermarket

Industrial Solutions

From the company’s early days manufacturing OEM replacement filters for mist collection, Troy Filters has been designing filters for countless industrial uses. The filters we make for industrial facilities include:

Coolant Mist Collection:

Filters and systems for the removal and reclamation of coolant used in manufacturing processes

Dust & Fume Extraction:

Filters for the removal of environmental dust, smoke, and fumes generated by welding and other manufacturing processes

Power Generation:

Heavy duty air filters for inlet filtration in power generation facilities such as nuclear plants and gas turbines

Engineered Solutions

With applications ranging from protection of household appliances to heavy-duty purification of air in cleanrooms, Troy Filters solutions are counted on by customers in a wide variety of industries. Our engineered filtration solutions include:

Equipment Protection:

Air filters for the protection of sensitive electronics, communications, and medical equipment

Cleanroom Filtration:

HEPA and ULPA air filters up to 99.9995% on 0.1 micron particles, used in high purity manufacturing and laboratories

Special Projects:

HEPA air filters, activated carbon filters, and pre-filters used in residential and commercial air purification systems

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