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Air Filtration for Museums to Protect Artifacts

Protecting historical artifacts is hard enough without adding polluted air to the mix. That’s why Troy Filters offers air filtration systems that meet museum air quality standards and keep these historic and highly valuable items safe from damage.

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The Right Filters for Delicate Items

Whether filtering the ambient air in your facility or removing preservatives such as formaldehyde from restoration areas, the delicate nature of items found in museums, libraries, and archives deserves nothing less than careful consideration of the air filtration components in use. High efficiency particulate filters and carbon filters or other adsorbents should be of the highest quality.


Featured Product: GP-400

The GP-400 is a Gas Phase Refillable Filter Module produced by Troy Filters. Highlights of this filter include:
  • Holds up to 62 lbs. of adsorbent
  • Offers lower lifetime cost of ownership than disposable filters
  • Low airflow resistance
  • Easy dump and refill program available

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