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From industrial air filtration systems to air purifiers for schools and other educational institutions, Troy Filters has the tools and the expertise to significantly and sustainably improve air quality in a wide variety of settings, with longer-lasting filters that cut down on both replacement costs and waste.

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Heating & Cooling

Our highly effective and efficient HVAC filters are perfect for commercial, retail, event venues, airports, server rooms, and more. We’ve been working in heating and cooling for a long time, and not only can we pick the right filters for any building, we can also work out an optimal schedule to replace them.


Educational Institutions

Reliable air filtration and purification is of paramount importance for educational institutions. K-12 schools, college lecture halls, university buildings, and more can benefit from the improved air quality that comes with the filters we offer.

Gun Ranges

Safety is a crucial component for any gun range, and that goes well beyond the firearms themselves. Because of the volume of lead dust created by guns, a shooting range needs an air filtration system to keep the air optimally breathable, and we can find the system that makes sense for yours.

Medical Buildings

Medical facilities such as hospitals, health centers, medical clinics, and doctor’s offices are, by their very nature, going to be patronized by sick people. Keeping those illnesses from spreading beyond the original patient requires an air filtration system that’s up to the job, and the filters we manufacture can promise that and more.


Pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities face a litany of requirements when it comes to the safety of both their products and their workers. When you work with Troy Filters, you have access to air filtration systems that meet your exact specifications and keep your facility up to code.


Whether you need an air filtration system for your electronics manufacturing facility or you need air filtration units for individual electronic devices, Troy Filters can help. We’ll work with the engineers on your team to come up with a filtration system that checks all the boxes you have and more.

Industrial Manufacturing

From oil mist collection to welding fume extraction, our heavy-duty air filters are well suited for industrial uses. In addition to our standard new and replacement filters, we can also put together custom solutions for manufacturing facilities that need them.

Gas Turbine

There are countless air quality concerns to keep in mind when you run a gas turbine or power generation facility, and that means having the right equipment for the job is key. All the filters we manufacture are built to withstand the toughest conditions, so you can be confident your air quality will remain great.

Surface Finishing

If you know anything about paint and finishing, you know about the problems that can be caused by even the smallest particles of dust and dirt. Whether it’s for cars or furniture, we can get you a filtration system that keeps your paint booths at maximum efficiency.

Museums & Archives

Keeping artwork, sculpture, documents, historical artifacts, and more safe from damage means keeping them safe from pollutants in the air as well. Our filters can improve air quality and remove preservatives, keeping everything in your museum or historical facility in tip-top shape.

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