Drug Manufacturing Filtration Solutions

At Troy Filters, we understand the specific demands of pharmaceutical manufacturers. Our engineers will work with your engineers to ensure that the pharmaceutical air filters we provide meet the stringent requirements of your facility.

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Filtration Options for Any Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility

We provide airflow and particulate analysis in addition to filter assessments, to confirm conformance of the filtration components. Our HEPA filters, ULPA filters, laminar flow housings and filters, high efficiency HVAC filters, pre-filters, and filter fan modules are all designed to the exact specifications required.


Featured Product: Micro-Pure RGS

Replaceable HEPA/ULPA Filter & Permanent Housing
  • Up to 99.9995% ULPA efficiency @ 0.12 microns
  • Permanent filter housing with replaceable filter element
  • Silicon gel design provides an impenetrable seal
  • Replacement filters also available for existing housings

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