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Medical Air Filtration Systems

Critical environments require an uncompromising commitment to performance and consistency. Hospitals, medical centers, clinics, rehabilitation centers, surgical suites, and doctor’s offices are the last places anyone should be contracting sickness.

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Clean Air for Medical Facilities

We offer creative solutions, including hospital-grade air filters to make sure your facility does not transfer contaminants through the air conveyance systems. HEPA filters, ULPA filters, high efficiency HVAC filters, and special anti-microbial air filters are just some of the options available to protect your staff and patients.


Featured Product

Ultra-Pak XR

High Efficiency Rigid Pocket Air Filter

  • Up to MERV 16 filtration efficiency
  • Exceptionally low resistance to airflow
  • Proprietary filter media is unaffected by moisture and variable airflows, and does not lose efficiency in operation
  • No fiber shedding or break-off
Our Product Solutions

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