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Ultra-Pleat Filter Portfolio

What does MERV mean?
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MERV stands for the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value of a filter. It is the method of stating the efficiency of a filter based on particle size. This is determined by testing the performance of the filter when exposed to particles of a known size in the air stream.

What are the benefits of changing my air filters?
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Changing your air filters regularly doesn’t just help to prevent the spread of disease and dust throughout a building. Scheduled changes will ensure that your system continues performing as it should and prevent possible strain or damage to your HVAC system. Dirty filters allow less airflow, forcing the system to work harder, which could lead to higher energy bills or even costly repairs.

What information is required to get pricing and availability from Troy Filters?
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To ensure we are getting you the filter you need, we require the following information:

  • Standard pleats: Size in inches (Height x Length x Depth). MERV rating (M8, M11, M13 etc.).
  • High Efficiency Filters: Type (bag, rigid, HEPA). Standard size pleat or mini-pleat. Frame material type (board, plastic, or metal). Single, double, or no header. Gasketing (upstream, downstream, both, none). Size in inches (Height x Length x Depth). MERV rating/Efficiency (45%, 65%, 85%, 95%, etc.).
  • Pictures are always helpful.
Does Troy Filters offer delivery?
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As a convenience, we deliver locally, but we have the capability to ship internationally as well.

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