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Professional Solutions for Paint Booth Filtration

When it comes to creating the best finish, stray dust particles and airborne contaminants are pure poison. Using sub-standard air filters and paint overspray filters will lead to a dirtier paint booth environment, and ultimately lead to unwanted blemishes in the finish.

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Reliable Paint Booth Filtration Products

At Troy, we offer the finest paint filtration products in the world, and aren’t afraid to say it. Ceiling diffusion media filters, intake filters, exhaust filters, floor media, or overspray filters: The cost of using inferior air filters in your spray booth is something no one can afford.

Product Options



Ceiling Diffusion Media
  • PA/560-G10 Media is 100% Efficient @ 10 micron
  • PA/560-G5 Media is 100% Efficient @ 5 micron
  • R1 Media is 95% Efficient @ 10 micron
  • Available in rolls, pads and blankets


Intake Panel and Pocket filters
  • Panel filters for crossdraft intakes
  • Pocket pre-filters for downdraft systems
  • Pocket-type overspray filters
  • Bi-fold and tri-fold pre-filter panels


High-Loft Polyester Air Filter Media
  • Depth loading, high paint holding capacity
  • 800 Series is 99.93% efficient on high-solids enamel
  • Available in rolls, pads and blankets up to 100″ x 1080″


Expanded Paper and Paper-Poly Exhaust Media
  • Standard, High Capacity, and High Efficiency Models
  • Available in rolls and pads


High-Loft Fiberglass Exhaust Filter Media
  • 15g Standard or 22g High Density
  • Economy floor media or overspray filters
  • Available in rolls and pads

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